Riot please revert the Rakan changes immediately the entire community of Rakan mains is begging you

Okay so Rakan was already in a semi-rough spot after a couple nerfs with many tracking sites posting his win rate at around a 48%. This was all good and fine though as a lot of Rakan mains could still do recently well with their job catching out enemy bottom laners to rack up kills for the ADC and later in the game comboing his ult and w. Riot recently discovered a bug, however, shortening his ultimate hitbox from 150 - 50. Riot's decision was to fix this bug, but give a compensation nerf lowering his w to THE SPEED OF A FREAKING TURTLE IT FEELS RIDICULOUS. Let me tell you as a Rakan one trick Rakan already had a rough time pre-6 with hitting w on the following champions {{champion:81}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:119}} These champions all have something in their kit that helps them with movement or in sivir's case blocking the spell. The thing about Rakan's W is it has a long windup time upon arrival before it actually casts. Now that his W's movement speed was nerfed it takes him almost twice as long to reach the same distance and has a similar windup time making him now completely useless pre-6 and any ADC with a brain can easily walk out of his W even if they are wildly out of position. Don't even get me started on this making him better post-6 for teamfights. I tested a movement speed build on him for engaging with ult and w combo and it still takes twice as long to reach the destination meaning Riot has basically forced Rakan's ult combo to only be useful at all if he uses flash first to engage as it helps with the massive arrival time. Riot at this point please just revert this change I see his win rate easily dropping to 45-46% if not lower this will make him one of the weakest supports in League most likely fighting for that spot with Tahm Kench another support gutted by the balance team. On behalf of all Rakan mains the R bug making it 50 range on hitbox sucked, but jesus christ it can not even compare to this. EDIT 1 : 20 % winrate great one Riot
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