There was a Red Post a while back.

And in the post (paraphrasing a little) it said that Rioters looked for *quality* of feedback rather than *quantity* of words or threads. So I decided to be a little more brief than usual about my feedback and condense what I feel I'd like to say into a few sentences. I'm not going to couch my terms nicely or give specifics, because that's been done before. I believe that currently, Riot's designers: * Have replaced the strategic engagements of older League with a battle of reflex and reaction time, weakening the more cerebral portions of League in exchange for flashier play potential, which threatens to damage League's core element of gameplay, which still is *strategy*, not *speed*, * Have created mobility champions that excel at counterplay simply by virtue of being mobile instead of having specific counterplay abilities, and therefore thrive in an environment where most skills are now skillshots and where pure tanks, with their more reliable CC, are weak, * Have largely reduced point-and-click CC, the largest counter to mobility, further buffing mobility champions, * Produce champions whose kits give them far too many options on what they do and how they do it, at great expense to champions with more clearly defined weaknesses, because generalist champions are very easily able to use their large number of abilities to find and capitalize on the weaknesses of other champions while still remaining extremely safe, * Produce champions that do not have a true weakness, or have a weakness that is largely irrelevant, who proceed to dominate the meta until they have to be nerfed and then become simply mediocre at everything and therefore useless, * Often produce uninspired solutions to problematic portions of a champion's kit that could easily be addressed with a more creative solution rather than a flat nerf or buff, * Often buff champions after release, before the playerbase has fully adapted to that champion and learned how to play them, making them ludicrously strong when the playerbase adapts, * Have not fixed some very obviously overtuned champions at the expense of every other champion. * Have failed to clearly and reasonably address the *absolutely* devastated lore, * Often stonewall community feedback, leading to considerable frustration when *nothing happens* despite loud, continued, unanimous community feedback asking for a change. Riot, I don't need to sing your praises about what you've done right. I believe that there are a *lot* of things you have done and presumably will continue to do right, and I appreciate the thought you put into your work. For what it's worth? You're my favorite game company, and if I didn't think you were good, I wouldn't tell you what I thought, because I wouldn't care at all. Your power has always been listening to your playerbase and acting for feedback. I ask you to continue doing that, despite that not being strictly necessary, because I believe it is integral to the community you have built. I would hate to see Riot fall into the trap of 'we've got 'em, now we can ignore them' and then throw us under the bus. So far, that's been far from the case, but recent changes have worried me. Thank you for your time. EDIT: And thank you for all the upvotes. Wow. Thanks.
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