Is LoL being taken over by teenagers? SERIOUS TOPIC

I mean for this to be a serious topic discussion about young new players with very negative attitudes becoming more frequent. I have been playing League of Legends consistently since November 2013, and by consistently I mean every day :D. I may be totally wrong in my observations of the past but the community seemed a lot different, a lot older and more mature. I was picturing my team mates as 20-40+ year old gamers who took the game somewhat seriously, at least to the point of trying to win and enjoying the camaraderie of a team PVP game. Over the last few months, I have noticed more and more 'trolls', bad language, and very unskilled players. When I talk to them in chat, I end up finding out they are 14, 12, or even 8 years old. And that's cool, but their attitudes are not most of the time, and skills often much worse. When I added the majority of my 'friends' to my friends list, it was probably a year ago and then through the summer. All of them are between the ages of 26 and 38, I am 30. However, it seems as though over the past few months it has been a much younger and more immature group of players in queue. New players are great, but why is there a report option for 'Unskilled' if this isn't a possible issue worth addressing when it arises. I cant hardly explain the confusion and frustration I have honestly felt more and more while playing League of Legends. Watching a Jinx build all attack speed and no damage and never using abilities (all game), to a Udyr jungle that ended the game 0/3/1, his one assist I got him as he ran from my 1v3 battle, that I lost. AFK used to be the main problem to come up. Now it is immature players trolling around League. When I first started playing this game I thought it was really complicated and complex. Even once I got used to it and I realized I needed to truly know every champion and their abilities whether I own them or not so I know what to expect, the game took time to get reasonable at. At least in comparison to everyone I was playing with and for the most part against. Now I feel confident and although I don't play enough ranked for gold, I play all the time in my free time, my girlfriend would attest to that. I am getting to the point that I can truly hold my own, and soon will be able to carry multiple lanes. And to just be clear this is not my first PC game, I started playing PC in 1996. The difference is the games back then weren't nearly as complex as a game like League of Legends. And I can easily see where frustration and poor sportsmanship would come up in younger players. But like I said, 'Unskilled' is an option in the report menu and I don't know how much riot even cares about unskilled reports. But maybe that should be looked into. Not a ban, but maybe a 5 game AI restriction or something. I also don't know how seriously riot takes language and negative attitude reports, both tend to snowball and end games faster than URF mode, usually resulting in a loss. I understand as most people do that this is just a game, a free game at that, but it is a game I really enjoy playing, and I play it daily with friends. What do you gamers think? Has anyone else noticed this negative trend in the in-game community? Riot, any ideas on dealing with attitude issues (chat bans maybe) or for unskilled (restrictions on PVP). Obviously it would take more than one report to call for disciplinary action. But the reports are becoming more and more common, while the honorable opponents are becoming less and less.
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