Trying Ranked but can't get a win.....

In 10 games I lost 8 and won 2... so I placed Silver III ??? After that it's been straight losses. 10 losses in a row and I went to Silver II. All today... Took a break and thought I'd try and get a win in.. now losing non stop in silver II. Yes my score sucks but it didn't start that way. I've played top and jg and done decent till we get in team fights where there are 4 other enemies who just crush me . To top it all off.. this bracket is pure toxic with afkers, and constantly fighting with each other calling each other trash, etc.! They fight more than they play. Silver is the new bronze? Does it ever get any better? How do I push out of this bracket ? What champ should I play to carry out of this because what I've been trying isn't working... I can't do well enough to kill the 4 other fed enemies (not the person I laned against, I usually deprive them). P.S. I got a message said I'd get a free win.. umm when does that happen ? 12 losses in a row and counting? What kind of MM is this? Blind pick is better MM!!!
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