Darius vs Aatrox

Hey dar and aatrox mains. Any tips for this matchup? As a long time Darius main I just can't figure it out anymore, especially after the latest touch up to his ult that puts his Q on essentially zero CD. Even pre 6, if I manage to dodge or bait out his Q1 and Q2, pull him in and do a combo, he just trashes me. I usually actually take.more damage than him in that exact scenario. Then I finally get five stacks and he just W's me and E's away and there's nothing I can do unless I have both flash AND ghost up, but even then it seems useless. Had a game tonight where my jg even spoon fed me a kill very early on, yet with that lead I still felt like a wet noodle against him when I returned to lane with an item advantage. Also, nothing I build really seems to matter. Even hp or armor, I still lost about 20-25% hp PER Q sweet spot that hits me and my own Q heal feels like it does nothing to mitigate. Does aatrox simply outclass Darius with more cc, more range, more damage, more mobility, and better 1v1 and minion sustain (all resourcwless too, so he can just spam, or stay in lane when he's low and farm/heal up when I have to back)? Or am I doing something terribly wrong? How can I win this matchup? Open to all advice. Also for side note, I do try to freeze lane, but don't always do a great job of it. Even when I do though, aatrox easily gets free harass on me with his E-Q combo
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