Duskblade is an abomination and needs to be nerfed.

In current game state you can either abuse duskblade and one shot someone or you might as well pick another champion. Is there ever a reason to not take duskblade on any ad caster ? Im kind of tired of champions that are overpowered because they can proc duskblade twice. I feel like its kind of silly that assassin rework happened to give more counterplay and yet this iteam by itself removes any counterplay. Here are my suggestions, i would be happy if even one came to fruition: - Remove ward detection Its ridiculous that good duskblade user cant be caught in a warded brush because he reveals the ward and if its on cooldown its easy to see that proc duration goes down = its warded. - Remove proc buff when damage is taken Assasins should be all about surprise and getting first hit, champions shouldnt be able to just run straight in clear vision on their target and get away with it. - Add diminishing returns on multiple procs So you can stop nerfing {{champion:121}} {{champion:141}} the abusers instead. Im honestly very frustrated with this iteam i dont know if i will open any discussion but this post really helped me vent my frustration with this game right now.
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