Why are the boards so sensitive about Sona?

Why is it that whenever you say anything about Sona you immediately get bombarded by downvotes and hateful comments from 50 DJ Sona icons? Why is it that even in the past when Sona had a 53% win rate and 7% pick rate Sona players always still insist "Sona is gutted" and "she has an ***extremely*** small player base"? Why is it that when you point out that Sona is obviously way too strong on this patch, people still insist she isn't? Let's be honest. Sona is way overtuned on this patch. Pick your poison on which site you use, but Sona is floating around a 57% win rate across all ELOs with around a 20% pick rate now. And no, win rate isn't everything. **However** if you factor in her play rate quadrupled you must also agree that her average skill level has gone down. Having her average skill level go down while her win rate explodes upwards is a pretty good indicator that she is extremely strong right now. So can we stop pretending she is still fine on this patch? Instead of sticking heads in the sand and insisting nothing is wrong, can we discuss what could be done without destroying her?
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