If Vi is going to be less burst-focused, she'll need better sticking power

https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DxkP15SVYAAswAS.jpg In regards to these changes. I'd like to start by saying I'm very happy with the direction as someone who enjoys very bulky fighters and seeing Vi returning to that direction after a few years of being an assassin. The buffs to her durability, base damage, and utility are massive boons and I think she might actually be _too_ strong in that respect, as she has insane displacement potential. Further, the passive changes make her able to clear objectives with high health; the Denting Blows new effect of making shield come up quicker lets her maintain a high HP pool for safely taking Dragons early on. _However,_ I've run into this problem frequently on PBE that I just can't seem to _stick_ to people to make this more back-loaded damage really work out. Because Vi's only means of keeping on people is a delayed, channeled spell that _also_ slows herself down, when Vi isn't murdering you close to instantly before you can actually move from her CC comboing, it's a little too easy to get away from her. I won't say I fully understand the scope of these changes and she might end up so strong that me asking for this is completely unreasonable, but I really think an added bit of sticking power somewhere in her kit would really make this direction come together. Nothing enormous, but, say.. a small speed-up every time Denting Blows is proc'd, or a micro-slow on her E akin to Trundle's Chomp, would make this kit mesh a lot better at doing the job you want it to. I'm eager to see how this iteration of Vi plays out. It'd be a refreshing change to see her hit the meta again.
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