Patch 7.2 Feedback from Diamond2+

{{champion:55}} still gamebreaking, still permabanned honestly i don't know how one can look at her and tell "look let's remove 10% bonus AD from a spell she uses once to do damage" the entire katarina combo deals so much damage, her dagger base damage DOESN'T MAKE SENS for a ranged point and click ressourceless spell {{champion:122}} overall nothing has changed against tanks like poppy or maokai, or against picks like yasuo, but against riven who dodges your Q you lose 15% more damage as well as 10 AD on YOUR ENTIRE kit which you notice against high damage top laners like riven or fiora, but you don't notice against maokai tl dr: Darius loses more against his counters, and still does the same thing against the champs he counters, was it riot's intention? {{champion:79}} holy fucking shit, this dude is usefull now. He no longer backs at level 3 and in teamfight his sustain has been increased. His niche is still the same, his damage is still the same, the 2 changes allowed him to BE ABLE to do his job without having things like early jungle ruinning him {{champion:117}} FINALLY AN ENCHENTER NOT NAMED KARMA THAT CAN FIGHT AGAINST MAGES, YESSSSSSSSS Riot realised that enchenters damage sucked hard and that being bullied out of the lane isn't fun, my last game lulu was able to win 2v2 with cait against jhin+zyra, and they had like 50 hp at the end, imagine what it would have been without this +10 damage on passive at level one now if you can do the same for {{champion:37}} would be good for high elo support mains {{champion:238}}will be back to permapick, right now no one is banning him and when people will realise that it's happening 80% ban rate will be here again. Lethality buff straight up made zed going from "not able to kill anyone" to "potentially kill someone if odds are in my favor", not only this but Edge of the night makes him able to pressure the entire map with the new cooldown in mid game if ahead {{champion:157}} i thought he would disappear from high elo, but actually something interesting happened New patch made top lane yasuo disappearing, he can no longer trade with anyone top lane, i can't see a lane in his favor But mid lane Yasuo is back, going mid farm until mid game and then fight in mid game which is what yasuo is supposed to do {{champion:202}} armor pen build is back, and it's cancer {{summoner:6}} garbage, take cleanse on mid, and flash on bruisers
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