My lane is 3-0-0 at level 6. I'm being 100 to 0'd in a single combo. I can't play the game.

I'm mid against Akali. She killed my jungler three times, and all three times were because of stupid decisions on his part. The first time, he invaded red, and then did krugs. The enemy saw and collapsed on him. Akali got the kill and double buff. The second time, he tried to fight over a scuttle while I didn't have priority, because the Akali has double buff, and died again. The third time, he tried to invade again while I was completely OOM. I pinged my mana and for him to retreat, but he continued, and died a third time as they collapsed on him. At this point, as soon as I entered lane, Akali 100 to 0'd me from full health. I literally cannot play the game beyond sitting under my turret and farming, while she roams to other lanes and one shots them. The jungle got invaded and left, then we opened mid around 9 minutes, because none of us could do anything at this point. Can we please fucking fix this?** It should not be possible for a lane to be put into an unplayable state within the first 6 minutes of the game.**
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