Garen, in need of a rework?

I’ve noticed a trend recently where Garen has been picked as a counter to just about any champ I play toplane. Maybe I’m just unlucky with how often I get first pick top, but I feel like the only way I can win lane against him is with a hard counter if* I pick last. Half the time I lose outright, and the other half my jungle underestimates him and ends up getting killed. I would ban him, except for the fact that illaoi is my nemesis and she’s a lot better for team comps late so I ban her. My thoughts/questions are these: 1) has garen become the go to top lane in low Elo (majority of players) games because he is mechanically simple? ( AA buff on q, stat boost on w, Spin to win on e, and point and click execute on R) * oh yeah and 3 passives.* 2) If you agree, what are some ways you think a rework would balance him out? 3) if you think he’s fine, what are some tips and tricks I can use to not only survive lane, but embarrass him along the way when he tries to counter pick me.
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