Buying upgraded boots while using magical footwear on a full inventory

So I played a game earlier where I had the rune magical footwear. I bought a cloth armor prior to 10minutes (when you get the boots) and my inventory had filled up due to starting item, refillable, stopwatch, cloth armor, etc... So I wanted to upgrade to ninja tabi past 10 minutes (when I'd normally be able to get the boots if I had an open spot) but even with enough gold to buy ninja tabi I couldn't buy them due to not actually possessing the magical boots yet. I had to sell my refillable potion to be able to get my boots and buy ninja tabi which felt kind of bad. Would it be possible to make it so that if you have a component of your upgraded boots such as cloth armor or a dagger or null mantle and you don't have your magical boots yet (only due to full inventory) that we could be able to upgrade into tier 2 boots?

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