Yuumi ideas for changes! Creative balance concepts

I know that for yuumi to be a really viable support that she would have to be "broken" and thats true to an extent. It would be broken if she added her stats to the adc she attached to. ----------------------------- Now this is more balanced ideas to make it less of a 1v2 bot lane: Yuumi looses some base ad and grants her base ad to the adc she attaches to. Possible limits for "grants her base ad to the adc she attaches to" .for a duration .grants up to 100% base ad by level .grants 50%~ base ad but scales by 10-20%? ap .has cooldown or cast time for attach .heal is lowered and she gains 10% ap ratio on this. .by missing adc health/yumi health Grants her base armor to adc with limits? Increases critical damage of adc by level? Instead of a heal she can provide an option to the adc to be invulnerable to damage for a few seconds while moving but can't attack. When no ally champion is nearby then yuumi gains a big amount of base hp and tankyness to help her that could be locked on a useful ability and if she uses it then her stats also leave. Right now its 1v2 for the adc if the yuumi is their support. She needs to give them power to 1v2 if thats how it will be.
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