Unpopular opinion: Enchanters need a class update

EDIT (as a header becausr it is literally impossinle do scroll down when editing on mobile): I see that I've triggered more people that I actually wanted, and to be honest the way I worded that last part out made it look like an over-exaggeration. I'm not denying that they don't have any tricks or that there are diferences between a bad and a good player, but most of the times it doesn't matter at all. It's no surprise that they are autofilled supports' favorites. You can master these champions, *but you don't have to*, because so much of their power budgets is invested in their defensive tools, that they simply don't have to interact with an enemy at all. Most adcs will only care if you're a four fingered hand, because many times you can, say, miss Q and hit W on a minion with Janna, and then press E on your adc to basically do the same thing. Call me biased, but all this bias is backed up by these champions' constant high winrates. My point is that these champions could be much more. While I do understand that we will not have another class update for a very long time, maybe ever, I wish we had an Enchanter class update rather than this... *cough* Vanguard update. It should be more than a "apply shield when needed" subclass. It can be so much more. Let's analyze the members of this subclass, in consideration of Ghostcrawler's video about Successful Champions. Best Enchanters (no changes needed): {{champion:44}} Even as a tank, Taric is definitely one of the best examples regarding the subclass. The satisfaction of landing a perfect E or ult, or managing your passive IS there. The Dazzling Protector theme is well translated in his gameplay. The skill expression is also visible, especially in his E-flash mechanic. For a champion with only one skillshot ability, Taric doesn't feel overbearing to deal with. His uniqueness comes from his passive and his W. {{champion:267}} Another great example of an ideal Enchanter. Her ult feels very satisfying, she does feel like The Tidecaller, she does have some cool tricks (passive management, Q prediction, R positioning) which prove the player's skill, she does feel fair to play against, as her sustain tool drains a lot of mana, and she's pretty unique. Mediocre Enchanters (could use some tweaks): {{champion:117}} : Lulu is pretty high on the list as well, but I admit that she does need some work. She feels satisfying to play in most cases (good ult timing/ Q aiming). She is kind of a weird champion, with Polymorph and Wild Growth, she does feel like the Fae Sorceress. Her fairness could use some help, as the only real thing you can do against her is to dodge her Q, and sometimes passive, which she doesn't rely on at all. She has some cool tricks like her ult canceling dashes/channels, her E on minion -> Q mechanic to catch enemies out of reach, but again, she could feel more rewarding to master. Finally, she is unique with a DPS passive, abilites which can be cast on allies and enemies and a new form of CC. {{champion:43}} : Karma is on a decent spot. She does have some satisfaction when you use the right Mantra-empowered ability, her theme resonates in her visuals and quotes. Her skill-expressiveness lacks clarity, as the only real thing worth admiring is her Q aiming. Fairness could, again, use some work. She isn't so unique compared to the aforementioned, she kinda feels like a more supportive LeBlanc (Waveclear/poke tool, rooting breakable chain, mobility tool and an ability enchanter. {{champion:37}} : Sona could use the most work in this section. A good ult is kind of satisfying. Her musical theme could be represented in a more elegant manner. Outside of a good ult and, say, good passive management, she's not that skill-expresssive. Not fair most of the time, she gives the "don't stay in range" mentality when she throws Qs, and if her numbers would be a little bigger then she'd be a monster. She's quite unique as she is the Aura champion, but her ult looks like a bunch of numbers. Worst Enchanters (ironically, they're the "Passive supports"; they need serious work): Alright, hear me out. Passive supports shouldn't exist. That's right, the whole concept of passive supports scream non-interactiveness. Unless Riot finds a creative and genial way of making them feeling better to play as, with and against, this little group has to disappear. When their numbers are good, they dominate. When their numbers are bad, they're useless. There's no skill floor or skill ceiling, and they're half of Challenger supports' resort. And here they are. {{champion:16}} : Again, extremely boring to play as, with and against. I don't think that I have to elaborate on this. Thematic: Soraka, the Starchild? More like Soraka the Bloodbag. There's no difference between a Soraka one-trick and a Soraka first-timer, there's no room for improvement. The fairness consists in building an early {{item:3123}} . At least she has some uniqueness in her "donate HP", but nothing too much. {{champion:40}} : Janna mains, get ready to get triggered. This champion is a disaster. Satisfaction: No one ever opens their eyes in the morning and says "What a great day to play Janna!". Thematic: Excuse me. The "Wind's Fury"? According to her color story, she's actually some form of deity? I thought she was a floating prostitute with gassy problems. Skill-expression: "WOW JOHN THAT WAS A SICK SHIELD I DIDN'T KNOW YOU MAINED JANNA!" "Y...yeah. BTW what does my ultimate do?". Fairness: Yeah ok I'll dodge her Q which she throws once in a while to peel for her adc. Anything else? Uniqueness: Passive: {{item:3301}} 's quest buff or the Captain buff enchantment. Q: I guess it's the most original part of her kit..? W: Let me slow you with some damage. E: Haha. R: AoE Knockback with an AoE Heal. Conclusion: While there are some great champions belonging in this subclass, many of them are good candidates for small or big scoped reworks.
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