The current state of ADC balance is statistically awful

[Plat+ statistics on ADC in ranked.]( Two ADCs have a combined pick rate of 68.8%: * Kai'Sa: 34.8% * Ezreal: 34% The next most popular ADC is Vayne with a play rate of 16.4%; less than half that. Speaking of Vayne, she is banned in 30.9% of games. What about the 4th most picked champion? Jinx. She has a fairly high but not extreme pick rate and pretty low ban rate, but she has a win rate of 54.1%; currently second only to Sona for the highest winrate in the game period. Normally one shouldn't take stats in a vacuum, but all 4 of these champions are extreme statistical outliers in one way or another with a perfectly reasonable sample size of games.
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