One big problem with Ivern's changes on the PBE

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(With the release of patch 9.19 to live on September 25th, we started the new 9.20 PBE cycle.) Previous PBE Cycles in 2019 Below you will find a comprehensive list of new content, balance changes, and whatever else is included in the current PBE cycle!
Hi, all, just wanted to bring something up about the proposed Ivern change currently on the PBE and give some context for it. I speak for the trees, if you catch my drift. Currently, on Live, Ivern's Range is 125, normally, but increases to 450 Range after entering a bush (and 3 seconds after leaving it). The proposed change on the PBE is to change his base Range from 125 to 475, an unprecedented increase. Now, bushes will give him the same bonus magic damage, but will not increase his range. This all sound well and good; a huge QOL buff for Ivern in the early game, but it's unfortunately coming with its own issues. Ivern's Q, Rootcaller, is a long-range Snare, similar to a Morgana Bind. The key difference is that it allows Ivern and his allies to dash to the target by clicking on them. Ivern and his allies dash to their max AA range. Ivern's premier engage tool is Q target>E Himself>Dash to target>Let shield explode for a big slow. This is extremely consistent when Ivern isn't within a bush, as he's always placed within melee range of the target. However, with the new range changes, Ivern is always Q dashed to the _maximum range of Ivern's E explosion_ instead of melee range. This is a big issue, as It becomes far, far easier for enemies to avoid the shield slow and makes the window much smaller for Ivern to land the Q>E Combo. Overall, I'd much rather have Ivern stay consistent to how he currently is on Live, range and all, than go through with these changes. The main way I propose to fix this issue is simply have Ivern always dash to his Live melee range (125). This keeps Ivern's identity of a trapper intact, while also forcing him to be a bit riskier in exchange for greater consistency in his engages. Overall, I'm excited to see how these changes will change Ivern for the future; I'm happy that Rito is giving the Tree Guy some love, but I, and tons of other Ivern mains, are a bit nervous about this change in particular. Thanks for reading!
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