Dumb Idea: Make Competitive Balance Changes Different From the Normal Game

I honestly can't stand it. Champions are buffed because they are bad in soloQ but are nerfed because they are too OP in competitive. An enjoyable competitive scene came at the cost of soloQ. Champions like {{champion:163}}, {{champion:13}}, {{champion:223}} ,{{champion:3}} (before the rise of AP galio),{{champion:268}} ,{{champion:164}} , {{champion:85}} (refering to kennen adc after Rekkles abused it). Seriously I honestly can't stand this bullshit. If Riot are making balance specific changes to mode like ARAM, URF, and Nexus Blitz. Then they can do it to competitive. 99% of all players of league of legends play in the normal soloQ stage. Not a big fancy stage to play in front of thousands of viewers. Their gameplay shouldn't affect everyone else. Champion picks/bans and winrates show that they are drastically different from soloQ. I honestly see why not Riot couldn't make balance specific changes to their competitive scene.
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