Can someone explain why Ranked is a joke?

Serious question. Why is it a joke and how can I get better matchmaking? It seems like the other team always has the better matchmade team. Just played several games. Each one has either an AFK, feeder, troll pick, or a rambo feeder. Yes, I know the whole bs of "if you are good enough you should carry blablabla". But you can't carry when at 6 minutes the enemy team is up 10 kills because the laners decide to go ham. I know I'm not the best or one of the best or whatever, I know I make mistakes and have a lot to work on. But, the people I get paired with are just complete numbskulls. I don't want to be on a super strong team that carries me, but I'm sick of being on teams that drag me down. I am buying pink wards, I am ganking, out-csing and even then I can't keep up because someone is feeding so hard and just snowballs the other team. What can I do then? Should I just focus on stat-padding and hopefully that gives me a better team or something? Anyone have any ideas or tricks to get more competent players? Other than elo boosting? I want to climb legit.

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