The Problem with ARAM

You ever just queue up for a game of summoner's rift and think man I really don't feel like playing possibly a 45min to an hour long game but I still want to play league. I could play bots but where's the challenge in that. So you decide to play some ARAM, because 3s doesn't even exist. Then you play one game and after it ends you think man I don't feel satisfied by the results of that game so I'll play another, then another , and another, and so on.... Then you realize you actually like playing ARAM and decide to take a break from summoner's rift. However, once you start playing more ARAM you start to hate it because every game becomes frustratingly the same. This will be my rant on what I think the problems are of ARAM and what Riot could do to fix it. 1) COMP is so important its not even funny... a) Champ Select: Sure in SR comp is important too, but honestly we all know in lower elos that ain't even true because people get carried. But in ARAM, there is no ace player, but rather the opposite of that (we'll call them a screwer). They are the player that is the most selfish player in the current game. Lets say we have a really solid composition. A nice poke mage like lux, a tank to engage and soak up damage, maybe a support and add combo, and lastly another adc. Two adcs makes it hard for one of the adcs to actually be a carry because most of the time the other adc will get all the kills. Thats completely fine, we can make it work. But then in the last 10 seconds of the champ select the screwer who has the tank changes to another adc thats in the pool and now we are left with 3 adcs. Now we got no tanks to soak up dmg and no engage. Our chances of winning pretty much drops down to 10% (depending on the enemy composition). Its not just triple adcs, sometimes we get three support champs with no adc, or we don't even have any ad (this can be due to someone rolling it away last second or our rerolls don't give us any ads). The game becomes exceedingly frustrating b) Bad COMP matchup: we've all had those games where we go in with little to no poke, but its okay because we got late game. We got a cassiopeia that will just scale really well and a mundo to some up dmg. Everything will be okay. NOPE... Enemy has a xerath, ziggs, ezreal, lux, and some tank say trundle. Now the whole game is just a mini game of dodgeball. So much interactive gameplay right here.... Its not even team fighting, its just us waiting to die. Then you got the screwer who gives up 5 minutes in cause they don't want to deal with the frustration of being relentlessly pelted with dmg. And everyone knows 4v5's are near impossible in ARAM, unless the comp is completely in the 4 player teams favor (which obviously its not in this situation). So you then proceed to waste 15 min of your life, maybe 7 if the whole team agrees to open. 2) There's no Tiers in ARAM... Honestly at first glance you wouldn't think this was a problem, because the whole game is just team fighting. nah the screwer has got to feed their brains out. Lower tier players will have less experience and understanding of strategy and will not only make bad team comps but all just go ham every time in ARAM. For example, lets say a low tier player is playing amumu. They'll rush in any chance they got to use their q at the start of the game, and then proceed to die, because they fail to realize what a huge difference amumu's ultimate makes. That feeding translates to the enemy getting free gold which is consistent because there's no bounty depreciation in ARAM. And what coulda been a fun even game of back and forth team fighting, turns into a one-sided match where the enemy holds us prisoner as they spawn kill us while the minions slowly eat away at our inhibitor. 3) Why was Warmogs put back.... Not the biggest deal, but tanks are way too op in ARAM thanks to the summoner spell mark. Your team can be dominating the entirety of the game but the enemy has 3 tanks and you got maybe one adc or none or no support. Simply because they are tanks they will buy warmogs. Now your odds of victory are far less than your opponents. All it takes is one slip up on your team's part and you lose. Whereas if the enemy makes one mistake they'll just disengage and heal up. Not only is all your hard work wasted because of one item but it makes the game so much longer. One experience I had was the game was very even, but then everybody started building warmogs, even the mages (like veigar, brand, cassiopeia, etc...) that game took 45 min long, because we'd all just keep disengaging. It became a game where who ever messed up first loses. So basically half the game was spent clicking back and forth as we wait for the enemy to make a move. At least in SR if theres a stalemate you can have your top lane or jungle flank or split push. In ARAM you can't do anything but waste time. There are plenty of more things wrong but I believe those are the main three problems. Here is what I think can be done to solve these problems: 1) APRAM.... instead of making it completely random, how about we make it pseudo random? Have it so that every player is given one of 5 roles: adc, support, apc (poke preferably), tank, and fighter/assassin. Each player will get a champion that meets the credentials of that role and when they reroll they will only get another champ that is in that role. For example, if you are the adc and get draven, your reroll will give you someone like varus and the pool will only contain draven for you. Then when you switch champs with someone it will also switch roles and their respective pools. That way COMPS become more even and it isn't you just praying that the enemy doesn't have an op COMP because you decided not to dodge (which is another problem, like why do you get penalized for dodging an ARAM game?) 2) Mini tier system.... maybe this is a long stretch, but perhaps we can have a 3-tiered system for aram where the bottom tier is people casually playing when they get bored of SR, the middle tier are people that play a lot of ARAM but themselves as a player aren't very good (like Bronze - Gold), and then the top tier are your better players and your ARAM accounts, you know the ones that only buy top tier ARAM picks. 3) Remove Warmogs (self explanatory) and remove ZIGGS!!!... like omg this champ is stupid broken in ARAM. I've never lost a game playing as ZIggs ( and with presence of mind don't get me started). Ziggs is a one man poke army that can legit play 1v5 in aram where the rest of his team is just there to body block. Every single ability is aoe dmg and his ability to take towers fast makes it very hard for the opposing team to catch up. He will throw a bomb every 2 seconds mid to late game and then block you off with his mine field. I played a game once where they were constantly pressuring us at turret and ziggs would just place his mine field right between the tower and wall, and because the mines stay so freaking long, all we can do you sit there and wait for them to take our tower. ZIggs does so much damage, has so much range, and so flipping spammable, its so frustrating to play against. He needs to be unplayable in aram in my opinion. Xerath is almost at the same level but is fine, because he can easily be caught out and he is less spammy thanks to his charge on his q. Some have told me veigar is the worst to go against, but just like xerath he is easy to catch out and doesn't have that big of range. Sure his stun is annoying, but he ain't spammable in team fights, and will really only be able to use his ult once per teamfight. Give us ARAM lovers a break Riot and make the game mode great again TL;DR: Basically ARAM sucks right now because good players get mixed with less experienced players, the randomness of the COMPS can make a game one-sided, frustrating, and a complete waste of time as you play a mini game of dodgeball, dodging enemy poke, and victories can be unsatisfying or loses feel like you got cheated on because tanks are OP. Solution: Make aram psuedo random where each player is assigned a role (adc, support, tank, mage, fight/assassin) and only receive champs that fit that role. Are able to swap roles with your teammates, but you only have access to a pool of champs that fit that role. Have a mini tier system so that more serious ARAM players can have a most fun and challenging game where we don't have to worry about feeders who jump into a game just to dick-around. P.S. Yes its just "ARAM", but guess what Summoner's Rift is also just a game. If ARAM is a waste of time, then the something can be said about Summoner's Rift. I hate people who don't put any effort just cause it isn't ranked. You find losing/ one-sided games to be fun? Sounds masochistic to me...
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