What will be season 8 gameplay ?

Hello, I'm going straith to the point. A lot of players and myself are now curious about what riot intends to make for the gameplay. What is Riot's view of how the game should be played during season 8 ? People are waiting about riot making statements or giving informations about this. Some are expecting futures changes, some are happy with the actual state of the game. It seems that Riot want this kind of gameplay for season 8 : - 20 min games - Permanant Flashy and quick plays - Early Teamfights - Game even more focused on teamplay which now involves denying the solo duo aspect of laning - Games going straight and directly to the nexus => snowball and turrets falling easily If that is what Riot expected of the Gameplay for 2018 and for season 8. Well for my part i will go to the control pannel and uninstall the game because it wont correspond to what made me want to play League of Legends in the past. For my part : - it's not in my tastes to steamroll an entire team all game long or to be steamrolled all game long. - It doesn't make the games challenging. - 20min. games are wait too short. You get tired of the game too quickly. - adversity doesn't exist anymore it's eat or be eaten. instead of attack, block and use long term tactics to outplay opponents. - Toxicity increased a lot, people want to surrender way before 15min and they want to force the others to accept. Because games really feel one sided this increased even more. - If LoL was actually enjoyable i wouldn't loose my time by creating topics on the boards i would be playing instead if it. So yes Riot for me and for all the players waiting : tell us, is it your vision for the future ? Because i want to know if I need to try Dota and Hos to find another moba. I don't care about balancing, i don't care about if the games looks pretty or not ! We just want to know what is the way you want us to play this game ?
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