"scuttle timer raised"

So we give you some of the loudest feed back of anger we have ever given you about a patch/idea and you insist on keeping it instead of just reverting back to the old scuttle system? This might actually be the season that drives me to quitting league of legends. I can't handle another whole year where the community is literally and only asking for one thing, one thing we all agree that's terrible, and riot refuses to answer it. Season 6-We beg for for solo back, it didn't happen till season 7 season 7- We beg for ardent nerfs, didn't happen till season 8 Season 8: the year of the scuttle I legit just can't emotionally handle of the same bull over and over again, where a rioter creates a legitimately terrible idea, and the rioter insists that his idea is good, some how gets someone higher up to agree to it, and because of that the entire community has to actually suffer from it. The thing that hurts the game the most is literally the design teams ego trying to force bad ideas down the balance teams throats for Big boss men say "MAKE IT WORK". It's literally not even the balance teams fault, you can't balance an idea that is fundamentally horrible. All you can do is nerf it to the ground until it no longer exists. Edit: Let's not forget how stone plate basically got nerfed into none existence

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