Saying goodbye to Aatrox

Such an underrated character. He wasn't the best, he really just needed a smaller update than this imo (move some of the power of his abilities around and maybe gut the E because it's practically useless past laning phase), but he got an update that's for sure. I spent almost all of my league career playing Aatrox. His kit was fun to play, though only strong against people who literally can't like... walk away from me?.. it was still very fun to play. His design is exactly what I want: A melee fighter who uses lifesteal to drain his enemies and keep himself topped off. I've played every champion in league (except Zoe. I refuse to play that cancertwat no matter how weak she is now.) and none struck me the way Aatrox did. His gameplay was fun and it felt REALLY good to do good with him. Like, REALLY good. Not only because you're winning with the so called "Worst champion in league" (Which is far from the truth mind you), but because his design excelled once you got ahead. He truly started acting like what he is supposed to be: a harbinger of doom. Someone who jumps into the middle of the fight and changes the tide of battle. Now if you didn't get fed you had to run and hide and never show your face again, but it was fun in the end. once you mastered his playstyle and how to manage your resource and when to use your Q offensively and defensively, he actually felt pretty fun and could outduel almost any character in the game. Give him BoTRK and Spirit Visage and chances are he can 1v2 you if you're not careful. He looked pretty badass too. And sounded pretty badass. I mean that VO was amazing. It fit his character SO well. It sounded like Aatrox. Like, if you had never given him a VO that's exactly what I would imagine his voice being. That voice embodies aatrox. Deep, smooth but raspy. Calm, collected, calculated, eerie. That's who Aatrox is. He's calm, he's collected, every move, every swing of the sword is smooth and graceful, he doesn't have to think: He's mastered the art of the sword. Aatrox really felt like he was the sword. Even before that became the canon idea of a Darkin, Aatrox had that feel. He had a giant greatsword that bent and moved and drained the life of his foes to power itself. The sword felt alive. His very presence felt eerie. It felt like a storm was coming. He felt imposing (in character at least, not by kit). He is exactly what you wouldn't want to encounter on the battlefield. You can't best he who has mastered war itself. He was the embodiment of war. He filled his allies with a rage and fury unlike any other. He turned the tides of battle. He didn't scream and yell in a Russian accent with such a highly processed voice it's hard to even understand what he's saying. So I guess it's goodbye, old friend. Because lord knows whatever they cooked up IS NOT aatrox anymore. The kit is nothing like what I picture aatrox being, it's not calm, it's not collected, it's not eerie. It's batshit crazy and seems kinda like a cartoon villain. he just yells and screams about wanting to kill and murder everything. He is not the Darkin Blade anymore. He's the "World Ender" (because that isn't a super cliché and annoyingly cheesy name for anything). Hopefully I'll find some joy in the new you (after I've muted VOs ofc), and maybe something similar to you will return. Maybe. -------------------- Really though, to me, this doesn't scream "aatrox" anymore. Change is hard, and it's something you have to get used to, but god damnit. Irelia still looked and felt like Irelia. Sion still looked and felt like Sion. GP was little more off, but it was still a good update (damn that was a good VO we lost too.). Warwick still looks, feels, sounds, and plays like. Warwick. Irelia's new VO sounds like Irelia. Sion's sounds like Sion. Why take Aatrox and completely strip him of everything that made him Aatrox? His doesn't feel like he is the sword. He looks like he's a spellcaster. That's not Aatrox. He's not a master swordsman who has mastered the art of war anymore. He's The WOOOrrrlDD EnndnDDDEERRRr REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Like I didn't expect him to be so similar that he's basically the same champion, but I was hoping he'd have more than just his revive. I get that he needed an update but I don't think he needed to be completely removed from the game and re-added as a crazy Russian guy who just wants to make sure that EVERYONE knows he's here to kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill. And honestly, his new kit doesn't look all that more fun to play against or as than his current. It's more interactive and more up to date, but it A) still doesn't seem like it will give him a unique role in the game imo (But I'm bronze so idk), and (more importantly) B) just flat out looks boring to play and doesn't scream "Aatrox". Like where's his banner wings? Why doesn't his sword feel alive? Why do his wings only come out during his ult? And why the fuck is basically a big red blob with a sword and wings every now and then past level 6? AND OH GOD WHY THAT VO???? Just on a side note, if you're going to update his base splash to better reflect his new model you should do the same with his other skins bc now they don't really look like new aatrox. They still look like Aatrox. TL;DR: New aatrox doesn't even remotely seem like Aatrox. {{item:3070}} {{champion:266}} {{item:3070}}
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