im getting tired of people not learning about new champ winrates

"omfg champ xy is new and his winrate is below 45% RITO BUFF" and riot buffs them... check a look at the winrate of ANY CHAMPION in his/her first 2 weeks. ITS ALMOST ALWAYS GARBAGE! BECAUSE THE CHAMP IS NEW!!! pls riot dont make kaisa the same as ornn. buff buff buff buff. ppl get finally used and good with the champ champ winrate explodes. nerf nerf nerf nerf nerf nerf nerf nerf. seriously. just calm the fuck down. the majority of new champs has a shitty winrate for 2 weeks. sometimes even longer. IT NEEDS SOME TIME CALM THE FUCK DOWN! small edit: im not saying kai needs a buff, or doesnt need one. tbh i cant judge that yet. all im saying is... having a negative winrate on a new champ... IS NORMAL! even camille had a negative winrate when she came out. and legit everyone on the pbe boards said she is godtier.
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