Low fps on high-end PC

On normal Summoner's Rift I can't hit 144 fps. Im not saying the game isn't unplayable with 90-130fps I'm just used to playing with constant 144 fps so lower fps feels different. I'm mostly just annoyed because on my current setup I expect the game to run smoothly without fps ever dropping below 144 fps. My specs Ryzen 2600, RTX 2060 and 16gb 3200 MHz Ram No matter how I change my video settings I can't get above 144fps. I set fps to unlimited. 1920x1080 max setting I get 90-130fps and it's the same with 1024x768 lowest settings. I tried updating my gpu drivers without any results. Then I thought my cpu was a bottleneck but I found out that while gaming my gpu and cpu utilization was around 30-40%. {{sticker:sg-janna}} I'm really out of ideas here. Edit - Typo
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