Let's Talk About Losing

Losing isn't fun. It can be, but it generally isn't. What makes it frustrating is probably a combination of things, but more than anything it's the difficulty of telling what you need to do to turn the game around. The more you lose, the worse it gets as your opponent's lead continues to grow. In League, we lose probably around half the time. We also spend a great deal of time just waiting for the game to start. When you think about it, it's probably less than half the time you're having fun. That's a very broad and probably untrue statement, but it's just to make a point. That stuff we want from League, we don't get an awful lot of. I feel like League would become a better game as a whole if losing was more fun. But I wouldn't presume to know what could actually accomplish that. So I turn to you, **what do you think would make losing more fun? **What could Riot do to improve being on the other side of the fence, in your opinion?
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