The State of Diana

I use to main Diana. I played her a lot. I enjoyed the fundamentals of her kit. I could take her Jungle, Mid or Top and find success without it necessarily being the best spot for her at the time. I enjoy her hybrid playstyle - being an AS Fighter with Mage scalings and abilities. Since her mini update my enjoyment for the champion has evaporated. You can no longer do on hit oriented builds on her and instead now MUST prioritize burst. With the change you single handedly killed her identity as a hybrid champion. For those who don't know what I'm talking about Riot gave Diana a mini rework where they changed her Passive and E Her Passive no longer gives bonus AS but still deals the damage on third hit. Her Passive now gives you mana restoration when you proc the third hit based on your AP. Her E now gives you a burst of attack speed for 3 hits after an ability cast. By design, a large chunk of Diana's damage is on her Passive and you want to proc it as often as possible during CD's. As a result her Basic Attacks are extremely clunky as she doesn't have the AS for fluid attacking. This change has effectively gutted Nashor builds by reducing your overall attack speed instead favoring a bursty playstyle.O verall this was a huge nerf to Diana. She wasn't in a position of power at ANY stage of play where shifting her power from 'always' to 'situationaly' She is no longer able to Jungle effectively enough with this change as her overall DPS has dramatically decreased and since you have no passive AS until level 3 in the jungle your clears are painfully slow and unhealthy which is extremely abusable. Her wave clear is substantially gutted and her extended fight power is non existent forcing you to build full AP burst and attempt to just one shot a target. There is no positive change from her rework and killed her viability in many ways. In lane, the mana sustain isn't enough to justify using an ability just for the 3 hit speed boost. Certain build paths were closed off to her forcing her to build one way only. Her ability to fight tankier champions was dramatically gutted making her one of the weakest [fighters] in class for a sustained fight. She is now just an extremely risky melee burst mage. The passive change makes it impossible for her to optimize keeping her AS high as she needs to cast most of her abilities at once just to do meaningful damage. tl;dr: Riot made her extremely clunky and binary removing some viable build path options and killing her jungle for no benefit to the game, champion, or people that played her. Please Revert Diana's mini rework and update her current kit to be more supportive of an ap and attack speed fghter / diver playstyle

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