I'm boycotting ranked until we the solo que we were PROMISED

At the start of the season, riot introduced dynamic queue as the new "standard" for ranked games. They figured that this would let people who want to play with friends do so without having to have 5 people for ranked 5's. At that time they acknowledged that not everyone wants to or even has friends to play with so they announced they would be creating a strictly solo queue for players who only want to play alone. It's been months now and it is well beyond the time table they set for the release of solo queue. I'm so sick of dynamic queue and getting paired with toxic premades who troll the game. So from here on out I'm boycotting ranked and this awful dynamic queue until I get the solo queue we were promised. I know many other people have already done this and I hope many others will do so as well to show riot that they can't just avoid the situation and hope that we forget about solo queue. Let's hold them to their promise and get what we deserve!

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