Does anyone else feel like Riot doesn't know how to handle Tanks anymore?

Let's just do a quick review on some tanks this past season(s) and some changes coming to others: {{champion:516}} - lost his unstoppable (which to me made him unique) because it was making him too powerful, but now regaining it in loss of his shield, but more importantly getting an insane boost to his Brittle and Q damage. (think there was a post about doing 73% health damage with these buffs) {{champion:113}} - before her mini rework was OK. Afterwards was doing insane damage, got nerfed, continued to get nerfed due to her power in pro play then fell out (still got nerfed). Now losing some CC in favor of more damage to most of her abilities. {{champion:154}} - basically has fallen out of most play from my experience after a while. {{champion:111}} - changed his damage from sustain in W to burst in E from what I recall and now is just...where is he? I know there are more tanks that other people can give examples of and there's more details that I'm not going over for the ones I listed, but this is just the pattern I'm constantly seeing with tanks. They constantly feel like these champs, almost specifically the Vanguards, need to be dealing damage rather than providing good combat CC. Why though? Why does Ornn need to be dealing crap amounts of brittle damage? Why does Sej, after the failure of her rework, need to lose CC in order to get more damage? Wasn't that the main complaint about her rework? I don't know, it just feels like Riot doesn't know how to handle these kind of champs and they just try to shift them over to more damage dealer roles while still labeling them as "tanks" when they can almost deal as much damage as a fighter or assassin can (maybe not as fast as them, but just as much). Discuss, talk, do whatever on this subject. I'm just going to be in the corner and start thinking about all the ways season 9 will somehow go south, because League just feels that way nowadays to me.
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