How much of Syndra's power budget is allocated to her ability to cast spells while moving?

Not a complaint thread about Syndra, I'm actually curious because to me this seems like an extremely underrated feature for a mage. Certain other mages have this ability on one or two of their spells (e.g. {{champion:161}} W, {{champion:112}} E) but Syndra has it on all 4 of her spells. This lack of cast times makes her deceptively mobile in situations where other mages would have to make a choice: either stand and fight, or run away. Syndra can do both at the same time, and I think that makes her feel a lot smoother to play than others of her class. How much does Riot value this ability to move while casting when it comes to assessing a champion's power? Have they ever thought to add this feature to other "immobile" mages that might need a slight modernization tweak? What are everyone's thoughts on this matter?
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