In short games, it's disturbing that nasus is unstoppable.

He's at 53% win rate with 8-10% pick rate. Every time when I play with that champ on my team or enemy team, you can't stop him. If his team isn't all 0/10, he's gonna be so hard to deal with. He needs something taken away from him, ult q reduction is just plain stupid, his wither is actually insane - might as well be a 3 second stun cuz you can't move anyway. I just watched an ezreal not being able to escape from 1 wither with E and flash and heal, he still died. I won games cuz of nasus and lost games cuz of him. You can camp him all you want, but that fucker will just stack q and always be a threat. You can kite him yes in 1v2's and shit like that, in teamfights 5v5 it's really hard to focus him and ignore enemy 3 other dmg dealers. And he's so tanky and has insane dmg.
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