Urgot: League's most forgotten Rework

I'm a bit confused about Urgot right now. He's my best and most played champion and I've been playing him since a few weeks after the rework. Many Urgot mains, including myself, just feel a bit ticked off that Urgot isn't really getting any love, and that hes getting screwed over unintentionally by all the ranged nerfs that are in place to prevent ADC's from abusing items. He hasn't had a new skin since 2012, Frozen mallet's nerf on ranged champions made the item much less viable to build, and he is completely unable to build melee items that greatly benefit Juggernauts such as Sterak's Gage. Alongside that, many runes don't work on urgot that well after they've been nerfed due to other champs abusing them. I get it, for the most part as of right now he's strong in lower elo since people don't know how to counter him. Another thing that has sort of ticked us off as Urgot mains is the fact you at riot are all willing to take risks on other champions weeks after the rework (i.e. Irelia, it literally said that in the recent patch notes), yet Urgot keeps getting somewhat screwed over instead of getting the love he deserves as the supervillian of Zaun. A few ideas that could help get around this: Separating ranged champions into two classes: Light range, and heavy range. Allowing the AA's that proc shotgun knees to count as melee, making Urgot a sort of hybrid champ. A zaunite black market in Urgot's passive where Urgot can purchase melee only items for a higher price I know it sounds like im being a whiny man-baby, and you might be right, but i feel completely justified in my frustration. He feels so boring to play, as there's little to no differentiation in builds anymore. You typically build the same build every game! All in all, as I just want to know if something is in the works and if you guys are willing to take a risk on Leagues most badass, chem-baron killin', half man half machine. EDIT: I would love to hear feedback on my post, both positive and negative, whether you agree with me or not, espeically if you're a Rioter. I love talking about my main EDIT 2: Here is a conversation I had with Rioter "Cosmic Existence" robochicken7: But i have a question thats been bugging me for a while that maybe you can help with? Its regarding a champion I hold dear to my heart: Urgot Cosmic Existence: Yeah! What's up? robochicken7:Is there any plans to try and attempt to let him use melee items again? I know you at riot have tried it where he can just straight up build them like he could immediately after the rework, but didnt enjoy it. I saw a post later on though, about making the shots that proc shotgun knees count as melee, and was wondering if that's something you are considering? I would love to build Titanic, Ravenous, and Sterak's on my main cough one-trick cough Urgot again Cosmic Existence: Right now we're avoid that, even Rakan (bless his heart), can't use melee items avoiding* robochicken7: That's fair. I just feel as if Urgot, being the only ranged juggernaut, somewhat suffers from poor itemization is all. That's alright though. If urgot gets it, rakan and thresh mains will break out of their dens and riot at... Well, Riot. Cosmic Existence: Haha True Ranged items aren't great for juggernauts right now I hope there's new changes to come EDIT 3: After asking a group of Urgot players 4 important questions, I received these answers. **What makes Urgot easy to play?** In my eyes, Urgot is a prime example of a beginner-friendly tank. His kit is simple and easy to learn, allowing almost anyone to pick him up and learn him. Perhaps the most complex part of his kit is Echoing Flames, but the effect of them becomes quickly noticeable once a new player uses his W. Nothing about his kit is daunting or seems high-skill, which gives an inviting feeling for new players. Urgot is also the **ONLY** ranged juggernaut, and can counter many toplaners who are commonly annoying to play against. He has a fast CD on his executing ult, and in general has decent poke with his q and (minimal) ranged auto. Also being able to deal big damage to anyone with a full round of shotgun knees is nice when you can pull it off. he counters many of the bruisers currently in the game. **What makes Urgot hard to play?** Urgot is almost always very telegraphed. his Q, E and R all have lengthy cast times and delays, which often require prediction of the enemy's movement or mindgames to make work effectively. He also lacks good mobility, which causes him to get ganked easily. His E and R are perhaps the most skill-effective tools at his disposal. his E can, with correct timing, negate displacement abilities like a Darius hook or a Lee Sin ult. It can also be combo'd with Flash to grab someone unexpectedly, which is a very strong element in League. His R can snipe people from long distances, albeit a risky maneuver, and it can be dangerous to try and kill someone as a tank, seeing as most of the time the enemy will focus on you. Alongside this, the unintentional nerfs he constantly recieves due to him being the only ranged Juggernaut. He isn't allowed to build ANY melee only item, and the ranged only items only benefit adc's and maybe a few junglers. Alongside this issue, it leads to people playing him and burning out due to little build variation and every game feeling the same. He has also received many unintentional Keystone nerfs, making many of the practically useless on him, leaving only the sub-par aftershock, the pokey comet, and the odd glacial augment, all of which are barely viable on him. He is also countered by every ranged toplaner aside from Gnar, has a very rough time against straight tanks, and even though he's a great duelist, he's not anywhere near as good as the other well known duelists, such as Sion, Ornn, and Yorrick. **What nerfs does Urgot need?** Frankly, I don't think he needs any nerfs at the current. He's been getting unintentionally nerfed a lot recently, which has caused Riot to not give him compensation buffs because they never meant to nerf him. If I had to name a nerf to be made in exchange for several buffs, I would say his Echoing Flames damage could be lowered versus Champions. Urgot's Ultimate CD is also something i'd be willing to sacrifice. His ultimate has a such a low CD at mid-late game that its kind aridiculous. This, however, is needed for him at the moment. **What buffs does Urgot need?** Urgot needs to be able to use items more effectively. He has been denied the power of Sterak's Gage, while he already lacked the options most tanks and juggernauts have. He has no self-healing, so he can't make good use of Spirit Visage half of the time, Frozen Mallet gutted his stickiness when it was nerfed, and Maw of Malmortius is a terrible item anyways. Edit 4: I have clearly not elaborated on what I meant by heavy/light champions. When I said that, I meant specifically for ranged champions. I think there should be Light/heavy on ranged champions, with more of the game revolving around things like that. Champions such as {{champion:6}} and {{champion:412}} and maybe even {{champion:17}} would be considered "heavy ranged" and able to build certain items like {{item:3053}} and not suffer from item nerfs associated with ranged champions such as {{item:3022}} , but couldnt build your typical marksmen only items like {{item:3085}}. This would also allow for Heavy ranged champions to take runes that normally wouldnt be effective, like conquerer ***ALSO, IF A RIOTER READS THIS, ALL I'M ASKING IS THAT YOU DON'T PUT HIM ON THE BACKBURNER AGAIN. PLEASE, PLEASE TRY TO MAKE SOME SORT OF CHANGE***
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