[FEEDBACK] Experimental "Bruiser" Keystone: Conqueror

https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-9NOy2nXlTH4/Wo397QZDk0I/AAAAAAAA5ks/i0eMDNtfQpIWY111YOrmIkn8M5rgzzUzgCLcBGAs/s1600/conqueror.jpg --------------------------------------------------- _~~edited 27/02~~_ Hi! As some already know, [a new keystone is currently being experimented on the PBE](http://www.surrenderat20.net/p/current-pbe-balance-changes.html#balance) - and will probably come back in the next PBE cycle (8.6) for a final test before being shipped to the live servers. This keystone, if i'm not wrong, was created to fresh out the rune system by giving an additional and unique option to the precision tree that would fulfill the gap left by [Fevor of Battle](https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-7vuXEK5rm_Y/WKN13W-VDGI/AAAAAAAAd3M/rPyOjc1spmw7btwcxXycoL1RwUSWWgrqgCLcB/s640/fervor.jpg) to some Fighters/Bruisers and step up as an "anti-tank" keystone option. Is important to note that despite being created to give fighters/bruisers a proper keystone, it was not aimed only to them, as no keystone should be class specific. With that in mind, i would like to talk about this keystone. I've tested it in the PBE a couple of times, and i think i have some solid points to discuss about this keystone (which probably will not involve number issues or points, just mechanics stuff); so let's start by the positive ones: >- _**Positive aspects of Conqueror (so far):**_ - ------ Managed to fulfill very well the lack of a proper keystone that fighters/bruisers had been suffering since the preseason start WITHOUT being exclusive for them. It's definitively sub-par or secondary-optimal on other classes like assassins, tanks or marksman(ADC), but still can be useful and a viable option on those depending on both team comps. - ------ The "true damage conversion" part of the keystone made it very unique, as it's the only one to have this anti-armor/mr mechanic from all others keystones. I believe that the most important aspect of a keystone should be it's uniqueness, and Conqueror nails it pretty well, with just some minor issues that i will bring back later in this thread. - ------ **True damage conversion works as a natural counterbalance for the AD granted by the keystone, in the sense that avoids abuse through life steal by using the bonus AD, which makes it not super good on crit and life steal champs.** - ------ Has a clear disadvantage & advantage: Slow but stronger. ---------------------------- Now, some humble criticism: >- _**Negative aspects of Conqueror (so far):**_ - ------ It's activation mechanic similar to [_Lethal Tempo_](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Lethal_Tempo) and identically to [_Grasp of The Undying_](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Grasp_of_the_Undying_(Rune)), which hurts it's uniqueness quite a lot. - ------ Conqueror current "[X]s in combat" activation mechanic is inconsistent for it's current effect **and will dictate playstyle due to how strong the buff is**. The keystone is easily proc'able in lane -- since it's proc mechanic comes from a very good laning keystone -- but said mechanic is very bad at teamfights or situations where you have no option but to fight without preparation. This creates a inconsistency where it's hard to balance for lane and fights; not only that, the effect of Conqueror is not a laning-phase-oriented effect, but a power up effect that is useful in extended fights. It simply doesn't work very well and will bring a lot of headache for both players and the live gameplay team. - ------ "Idle Time". Four seconds without not benefits is a great downside of this keystone, even greater than it's benefits. Then again, _Lethal Tempo_ it's somewhat impractical with 1.5 s delay, which is acceptable (kinda). But 4 seconds without keystone is something wrong. Even if you can activate it by attacking minions or monsters, it still not only inconsistent in some emergency situations, but it also unnecessary frustrating in said situations. We live in a context where champions like Garen or Renekton can die very fast in a fair amount of situations, and 4 seconds is a huge barrier for those players who are aware of said context. - ------ ~~not gonna lie, the name and icon are actually funny instead of interesting xD~~ This probably will be fixed by the art team before going live. ------------------------- What could help/solve some of those issues pointed above: - Exchange the "Grasp" mechanic for a timed-ramp mechanic: Every 1 second in combat, you gain 25% of the total bonus AD provided by the keystone (that depends on your level), stacking up to 3 times. After 4 seconds, striking a enemy champion with one of your abilities or basic attacks will grant the rest of the bonus AD (25%) and the 20% true damage conversion. This would help making this keystone more unique and solve the "Idle Time" issue, since you at least would have something in between those 4 seconds. - Make it only active while fighting champions; change from "combat" to "combat with enemy champions". This would sinergize with the suggestion above, since you would be able to partially use the keystone even on emergency fights, which would cover additional "idle time" situations caused by removing the "hit a minion" strategy (generally while laning), as well make the activation requirement more consistent. - Some ideas for the keystone's name: _Peak of Performace_, _Edge of Perfection_, _Rampage_, _Soaring Focus_, _Sharp Mind_. edited for clarity. Resumed suggestion ([ x - y ] is the level scaling, x being value at level 1 and y at level 18) : >_"Every second in combat with enemy champions grants grants you [ 2 - 15 ] AD for 2 seconds up to 3 times for a total of [ 6 - 45 ] AD. When stacking 3 times, the buff's duration is increased to 4 seconds. Hitting an enemy with an ability or basic attack while having 3 stacks enhances the buff, granting you additional AD totaling in [ 8 - 60 ] AD and converting 20% of your damage to champions to true damage."_ >Melee only: Damaging enemy champions refreshes the duration of this buff. Edit1: Yeah, talking a little about numbers, the AD from levels 1~5 is currently too high in the PBE, probably will be nerfed. Also, maybe the true damage% needs to be tuned down a little bit or scale with level too, i dunno. It definitively looks scary when you fall against a trynda with conqueror. So, what do you think about this?
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