Every state of the game is just broken.

Every single game is just total garbage. Everything is just broken so damn hard. When it comes to wining the game, it just comes to 2 criterias: Team composition and count of autofilled members on your team. When im talking about team composition I mean the number of {{item:3124}} your team has. And when it comes to autofill, well, its something that you cant controll at all, most of the times. You can bassicly tell what team is going to win at champ select and this makes me want to quit this game. As long as you pick right champion, no matter how hard you lose, you will still win, because of some broken picks that exist currently in this wrecked game. Every other game of mine is just won by minute 10, BUT its enough for 1 champion like {{champion:10}} to shred whole team if she manages to reach lvl 16 to win a game SINGLEHANDEDLY. Same goes for {{champion:11}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:67}} + {{item:3124}} You can open my match history and I guarantee you will see how "Balanced" this game is, it just cant be enjoyable playing solo, everything it too _fast and complex._ EDIT: League of 20 champions. Rest is just hardcore difficulty to carry with.

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