I really can't get out of bronze, help

Kanye EUWest MIJ - Summoner Stats - League of Legends
Kanye EUWest MIJ / Bronze 4 31LP / 55W 62L Win Ratio 47% / Miss Fortune - 16W 15L Win Ratio 52%, Sion - 11W 9L Win Ratio 55%, Brand - 7W 6L Win Ratio 54%, Lux - 5W 6L Win Ratio 45%, Nasus - 4W 3L Win Ratio 57%
I really need tips i have been bronze since forever, tried everything but cant get out of this hell. i main the adc role (mf) but i also play top, mid, and supp jungler only sej, i always have a good farm with every champ, and i dont ever recall feeding my lane, i always buy wards, i know the items to buy when im behind or not, i know to last hit and harass in lane, i use my ult in good situations also i know when to take objectives, still i only got bronze 2 last season and now im bronze 4 with lost after lost, i tried every role and i cant find one where i would have a good win rate, i mean my win rate is 54 on mf on like 30 games and that's not good at all. pls give me some tips and i have my op.gg link so u can see my farm and kda.ty
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