Why don’t turrets do true damage?

Like why does the amount of armor I buy matter against turrets? The things are supposed to be the gates to victory. Huge, destructive obelisks of “nope you ain’t touching this nexus” But if I buy a thornmail or a randuins or something, boom I don’t care about turrets anymore, and fuck me if I’m against a full magic team I have to build MR for. Like... why aren’t turrets “turrets deal 15/20/25% champion max health as true damage per shot, ramping up. The ramp up debuff is champion-side, and lasts 5 seconds from the last time the champion was shot. Additionally, if a champion takes three consecutive turret shots without dropping turret aggro, they are unpreventably executed.” Then, we might actually pay attention to turrets, instead of them being a minor inconvenience.
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