[Nexus Blitz] How do you even manage to think of these events?

It's hilarious. No joke. They decide to create the **Arena** event, and then they even nickname it as: "Strongest vs strongest, down to... less-strongest vs less-strongest". Let's pause for a second and consider that my cooldowns are still counting while I am in stasis watching my teammates fighting, along with my summoner spells. If they are all on cooldown when ... let's say, the 1v1 comes up (and the opponent has everything in his kit available), what will the "fairness" be in this case? At least you could restore everyone's kit's entire cooldowns to actually make it fair and let us use all our resources if really necessary. Not put someone with ignite vs someone without ignite available (moreover someone with ultimate vs someone without ultimate, which is ultimately worse) ... I am supposed to literally guess this event is going to show up before I go and use a 120 sec cooldown ultimate. This is "their" logic, like ... for real. The entire re-do was amazing, but the reasoning behind events has not changed, a single bit. No fairness has been put in place. But ... At least the rewards are actually better ... right?

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