What champs you hate the most having on your team?

So which champs on your team makes you kinda tilt before the game even starts? Here is my list: - Teemo, especialy blind pick teemo. They usualy lose lane and become useless. - Last pick zed who forces my team into full ad. From my expierence these type of Zeds have always lost lane. - Lee and Shaco. Somehow my Shaco and lee lose their early game and even get bullied in their own jungle, while trying to help I lose my lane dominance as well. Its frustrating to see when your ally picks an early champ and fails miserably instead. So which champs you rather dont see on your team? Honourable mention: Ezreal I have noticed that most of my adc who pick ezreal, dont main bot at all, just a passenger on the team. {{sticker:cass-cry}}
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