People on the Boards act like they know better than professionals and it's sickening

**Crying about not having comebacks/not being able to carry:** You guys DO realize this shit is two sides of the same coin, right? In a world where your comeback is possible, someone else's carry is negated. Thus, *do you honestly think* that you can make a game where you have realistic chances to rebound a bleak game "a lot of the time" WHILE that same game is one where you specifically can snowball and win games single-handedly or close to it "a lot of the time"? NO. It's an asinine request in the first place. Comebacks in competitive games **are earned, not given.** When Dunkey made that video on him quitting League that everyone circle-jerked for a damn year straight, one of his main points was that other competitive games like Street Fighter rewarded people for playing well, whereas League was a game that punished you for playing well through bounties. Shit's all good BACK THEN, but NOW everyone's crying that the game doesn't hold your hand from start to finish. You want to not get rolled over? Play better and *stop getting your ass beat.* **Damage complaints here:** Look, we've gotten to a point where Riot's made a good deal of changes to address early damage. However, *this is a strategic game.* Your choices matter, and if you want your games to turn out some way or another, sometimes that hinges on **your strategic choices.** If you want a less damage-packed solo queue, people in general would have to play less damage-packed champions. THAT'S IT. That's honestly the remedy. Now, is that the *only* remedy? No, because Riot added a good bit of upfront burst in itemization and pre-game runes that they had to shave off over time, but we're reaching a point, especially with the stat shards, where if you want to take the defensive, safe approach, you can alter your champion pick/pre-game setup and make that defensive approach. However, if you think that the ideal for the game is "Everyone takes 2-3 ults to the face and still survives, even Sona", you need to fucking stop. Hell, honestly, even in season 5, the **bEsT SEaSon eVEr,** THIS WASN'T TRUE. You wanna know what REALLY happened in season 5? **Everyone played fucking tanks everywhere.** Mid lane had Cho'Gaths and shit. Top lane had Sions and shit. Jg had Sejuani and Cinderhulk Jarvan/Vi/Lee Sin for crying out loud. EVERYONE typed into full-on defense save one team's Jinx and the other team's Vayne, and every game would just be drug out to a 40 minute team fight so the early game didn't even fucking matter. The reason why "damage wasn't too high" in season 5 was because **nearly everyone was full tank.** The carries and enchanters that weren't full tank? They STILL got ran over, but it was worse because it was a fat pig that just sat on them for 10 seconds, which is why Sejuani got gutted the first time IN THE FIRST PLACE, just in case you guys needed that history lesson. Long story short on this topic is that game pacing has been more or less clumsy since pre-season 6, when we had a ton of games being *decided, not surrendered,* by 15 - 20 minutes with the original Warlord's Bloodlust, when Yasuo and Tryndamere were insanely overpowered during the first masteries change (which they stated was a proto-type for the original Runes Reforged changes that would come later). These turret changes *may need tuning,* but it's done a massive job in giving us back a reasonable laning phase experience. **Fire the balance team:** The balance team is PAID to work on this game. You aren't. The balance team also isn't a bunch of Silver/Gold 5 players on the boards whining about champions they have no business whining about. Once again, you are. You guys have no real idea on game balance. They do. "Bu-bu-bu-" no buts. You guys constantly complain about how Riot doesn't balance around low elo, and everything they do is LCS-oriented? Aight, Riot stops {{champion:13}} putting massive work on LCS-problem champions {{champion:429}} and Riot {{champion:86}} nerfs champions that are specifically balance issues FOR LOW ELO, which is YOUR(ick) ELO {{champion:83}}. Low and guys complain that Riot nerfed Yorick and Garen. Hell, you guys also complained they nerfed {{champion:267}}, but Nami had a 54% general win rate *in Diamond* on like a 10%+ play rate by the time the nerf went through, and she's still doing perfectly fine right now. You guys ALSO complain about {{champion:84}}, but for any elo range that any of you reside in, she's statistically been proven to be a *walking win for the enemy team.* People that see this champ in Bronze - Gold should be *fucking ecstatic* for the free lp, but you guys STILL want this champion nerfed. And let's not forget how you guys complained that picks like Ornn and Sejuani keep getting held up by the LCS. Riot says "Sure, we'll tune them for solo queue." How do you do this? You make their strategic, team-oriented parts worse while making their snowballing, hard-carry elements stronger. In other words, nerf utility and buff da- "BU-BU-BUT YOU CAN'T BUFF THEIR DAMAGE CAUSE THEY'RE TANKS!". So the fuck do you want them to do with tanks!? They can't be cc bots because that makes them good in organized games. They can't do damage because tanks shouldn't do damage. They STILL HAVE TO FUNCTION, but every direction you could go has some Silver II crying over it. You can't get a good feel about what to do with the game's direction because there's never any positive feedback no matter which direction you go. **Riot doesn't listen to us:** Imagine being in a room full of toddlers that never stop hysterically crying. The reason why they're crying changes, but they never tire out to a reasonable volume and they never outright stop. If you don't lose your mind after being in that room for 5 minutes, you're definitely tuning those babies out. These boards are a room of hysterically crying toddlers. **What's the point of this thread:** I'm not saying people can't complain about the game. I'm not. Honest. HOWEVER, I would love and adore if you guys would take a bit of time to think a bit more big picture so you can truly capture what needs addressing when you complain. Making a million fucking threads about getting people fired or threads about "Wanting a new balance team for the holidays" guys are the reason no one that's worth taking seriously should take you seriously. The mods don't want people hurting each other's feelings on the boards, but I'm being honest. No one worth being taken seriously should take Gameplay seriously the way it is. Why do you think most Rioters don't talk around here and do it elsewhere?
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