why not rework annie?

it dosent make much sense at this point with the ammount of reworks coming out for older champions to not rework annie. she has the most basic kit in the game and still deals way too much damage because of her utility regardless of the point in the game. Her point and click Q dosent make much sense with her kit considering champions like brand and ahri have skill shots. her mana is reset on killing minions. she gets free armor/mr. and the most fun ability in her kit, her area INSTANTCAST aoe ult that is near impossible to dodge. She is incredibly low skill high reward and it dosent make much sense. Atleast with a champion like syndra, her ult might be crazy, but its easy to negate the damage with specific items and the rest of her kit has more of a learning curve. With Annie if she flashes and catches you even slightly off guard you will be instantly stunned, your Q and W will more than likely kill you and if not she has her ignite on you. Its time to give this champion a rework and give more counterplay to her because its honestly close to non existent at this point in time.
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