Do we really need adcs in every game?

A lot of people have been complaining about the state of adcs in the game recently and how useless they feel. But honestly what do adcs bring that is unique to their class. Very few offer anything outside of damage and for the longest time they were just there to take towers and neutral objectives. However if other classes in the game can do meaningful amounts of damage while offering utility why do we need an adc? Throughout the many seasons of league different classes have fallen in and out of favor however one class always found a place in every meta and thats adcs. Especially after the marksmen update where they were seen in just about every role except support (until mf support into zyra). So why is it that when adcs are no longer felt has strong enough to warrant being in every game on both teams such a huge issue as compared to other classes other than that its always been that way?

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