Anybody else notice how quickly the ADC hate threads died down since Trist and Twitch got nerfed?

What a surprise that people hate playing against super safe hyper carries am I right? Like Varus was op with rageblade for quite a while and I never saw one post on him get past 10 upvotes. But Trist and Twitch posts were relentless it seemed, always getting high numbers. Edit: For those who don't seem to understand how Twitch is safe compared to Tristana-Safe, it's fairly obvious, but I'll explain anyways. Twitch and Trist have 2 different forms of safety. Trist is frustrating to engage on, because she has her own very reliable self peel in her kit. Twitch has a different form of safety that requires him to not be an idiot, simply that. If you get on top of him, he's donezo, save for maybe any peel provided by his team. But you'll only get on top of him in mid or late game teamfights if he's an idiot or greedy, or you get a nice unwarded flank, or you have a 10 - 0 Zed 😅. With his Camouflage he can wait for a perfect time in a teamfight completely unseen, (given he's not dumb enough to walk in range of vision indicator) wait for key enemy spells to be on cooldown or for his tank to get a good engage, then ult from super far away hitting potentially every member of their team. Again, he's not Tristana-Safe, meaning that at least in Laning phase you can try to stomp him and have your jungle come and dive.
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