i am so fu**** SICK of diamond 4 game

fix your damn mmr riot, WHY do i have an unranked zoe feeding 20 kill and refusing to be carried in my game , refusing to join her team, sticking to my split lane and throwing the game SO MANY TIMES that's it's impossible to win? Why do i have 100% legit boosted / bought acc at least once every 2 game in my team? if you refuse to ban inter / people clearly playing at a elo they do not belong to, i'm going to just sell boosting service too , beceause obviously you are not against it right? i'm so done playing with people that have a match history full of URF and ARAM game beceause they bought their acc, and decided to do one ranked to try and completly ruin it. the fact that i reached plat 1 promo with 70% winrate, and still havn't won them and now am at 60 % winrate show how stupid this elo is. and the fact i might get perma if i lose my nerves and flame one of these silver 5 pleb playing at diamond 4 elo . hmmm. i love it. litterally you spend the entire game trying to explain these player what to do so you can at least carry them, but most of the time they ignore you anyway, at this point if i want to call these player complete idiot , i think i have the right to do it. spending 10 min telling zoe "let me split on my split lane as trynd and just go mid and look for picks" and she still follow me . o come on. i am not having fun AT ALL playing at this cancer elo. please DO SOMETHING to stop all this boosting/ account selling. Edit : actually got perma'd exactly for THAT game (and 2 other where i was slighty toxic, but mainly that game) . yea you know what, i'll buy another one, for 20 € i can get a smurf, take your pathetic policy and shove it up your ass riot, encourage stupid boosted player and perma the one actually trying to win games, dont ban the one typing in chat "yea ff 15 " at fuckiing 3minutes into the game, but make sure you ban me if i lose my nerves and flame the shit out of this kind of player. you're a joke of a company. 9 season and boosted acc can get all the way up to challenger and ruin game there and they just wont get banned. there, streamer will call them "monkey" on their stream, but beceause they do not type it in the ingame chat it's OK, they just get 500 viewer to agree with them, yea. bunch of hypocrite enforcing their "flower and butterfly" policy , we all should respect boosted troll ruining our game and be nice and kind to them :) well, they can go and s*ck a dick, i'll call a monkey a monkey as long as i can get free smurf for 15 € , f*ck you.
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