What people complaining about Lee Sin really want

The same people complaining about Lee Sin just want any viable ganking jungler that can pull off a decent gank pre 6 nerfed period. These are the same people that whined about Rengar, Rek'Sai, and Elise until they got nerfed into oblivion. Rek'Sai is basically just a utility knock up bot tank with tunnels... and people won't be happy until Lee Sin gets turned into a utility kick bot tank at all levels by nerfing any dueling or damage viability he has period. Please keep in mind that these same people can't be bothered to purchase control wards, can't be bothered to ask their jungler to ward the enemy jungle with a tracker's knife, can't be bothered to put control wards in the river, can't be bothered to pay attention to pings or exhibit map awareness, can't be bothered to not overextend, and definitely can't be bothered to actually play Lee Sin because anyone that actually has would know that he can get countered so hard early by just doing the following little things.
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