vayne needs to be fixed

remember when vayne was THE late game carry? the tank shredding monster? the flashy playmaker who could kite for days and dps hard if you played it right and used your tumble to dodge important skillshots? [something like this?]( now look at her. easily lane dominant with the right supports. barely needs 2 items {{item:3087}} {{item:3031}} to kill you in 4 autos. can get out of nearly any situation because of how stupidly easy kiting is with tumble and 2 zeal items + invis. game is over once she hits 2 or 3 items because she essentially becomes an assassin who can dps like an adc after they burst who also scales like a monster into late game. can go full burst and still OBLITERATE tanks with a last item {{item:3124}}. [something like these?]( riot, this champion has been fucking stupid for a while now. and before some fedoralord vayne main comes in here and tells me "BUT SHE IS HARD XDDDDDDDDDDDDD" no, kiting isnt hard(especially with the bonus ms and tumble), using q to reset auto timer is muscle memory you can learn in an hour, and dodging shit with tumble isnt really that crazy, that shit is on like a 2 second cooldown and makes you invis
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