Who else hates Infinity edge?

Ok this is only my opinion, you don't have to agree, and feel free to discus, but lets keep it civil. (who am i kidding these are the League forums XD) i'm an ADC main, and even I hate Infinity edge.. even post rework it was this mandatory item.. and now after 8.11 you honestly don't feel like you matter until you have it.. it's this massive power spike, but is also so dependent on other items.. its in an odd spot.. before the rework it was just too powerful to not have... honestly i personally think it should be removed.. it would make balancing AD Marksmen way more easy.. plus it would open an item slot for more diverse builds.. P.S. stormrazor is broken also, but this isn't a post about that haha. What do you all think? how do you feel about I.E.? how would you change it? or would you remove it? or do you think it's fine?
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