PSA to all Non-jungle mains.

If, for some god forsaken reason, a member of our team DCs, you need to keep a few things in mind regarding the jungler. First of all, don't expect heavy presence. For the most part, if a solo lane DCs, I'm usually gonna spend my time clearing camps close to that lane and just straight up playing in that lane. Sucks that you don't have a jungler, but deal. If the support/adc DCs, expect me to spend my time around there, farming my camps and looking for opportunities to gank mid/bot. Play safe, ward, and don't overextend. Second of all, if I have to spend the majority of my time camping a lane that has DCd, and you lose lane, you do not, in fact, get to cry and bitch about how I haven't come to save your ass. You knew that my presence was gonna be slim to none, and you shouldn't expect me to be able to help recover your lost lane. If I have to choose between letting zed freefarm mid and going top to try and help you cause you're 0/3 due to your lack of an ability to ward, I'm gonna sit my ass in mid and try and keep zed under control. I understand that not every single laner out there needs to be told something along these lines, but jesus Christ some of them do. Also, thank god riot has finally started working on a way to remake games with a DC.
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