A rehash of the Inspiration tree to better capture the idea of breaking the game's rules.

**Inspiration** *Rule Bending* >Keystones * Cosmic Insight: Removes the CDR cap, but multiple sources of CDR stack multiplicitively instead of additively. * Unsealed Spellbook: At the ten minute mark (and once every ten minutes afterward) you may replace one summoner spell. That spell will be on CD for 60 seconds upon choosing it. * Enchanted Shroud: You are not visible on the mini map if there is not an enemy champion within 1200 units. >Contraption * Hextech Flashtraption: If one of your summoner spells is on CD, it is replaced with *Hexflash* until it comes back up. * Hexflash has a 20 second CD. Having both summoner spells on CD does not give you two Hexflashes. * Magical Footwear: Unlocks *Enchanted Laces* for purchase. * Builds out of any upgraded boots, costs 1500 gold. * Causes your boots to not take up an inventory slot. * Perfect Timing: Enables you to fudge the duration of any stasis inflicted by an allied effect. * Pressing Q during stasis will shorten it by half a second. * Pressing W during stasis will lengthen it by half a second. * This includes Guardian Angel, (allied) Tempered Fate, Stopwatch/Zhonya's Hourglass, (formerly) World Ender, Frozen Tomb, and Chronoshift. > Tomorrow * Future's Market: You can sacrifice some of your accumulated XP for gold. * 3 XP converts 1 gold. * Can't be used if losing XP would result in losing a level. * Oracle: Once every 5 minutes, you can make a *prediction*, choosing an enemy champion. If the next death among all champions is your chosen enemy, gain a bounty of XP (regardless of whether you participated). * 56-360 XP based on level. * Interest: Every 10 seconds, generate bonus gold equal to 2% of your current gold. >Beyond * Auric Lens: +1 max sight ward, +100 sight range on you and your wards. * Homeward: Reduces the channel time of Recall by 3.5 seconds. * Spirit Projection: +150 cast range. Might do the other trees, but most of my ideas fit best here. Goal for the other trees would be high power runes that don't directly provide damage.
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