Nice changes ritors. All level 6 junglers are now irrelevant and now the games are decided on which lane feeds the hardest to the early ganks. Everyone knows solo que is about the worst performer not the best, you really thought through these changes. Really good way to "fix" jungle which was fine in its current state. Oh and in competitive( where people actually track jungle and don't int 4 kills in first 6 min), you can have alot of fun entertaining your viewers with 20 straight 40 min LCS games of Karthus pressing R. Time to become a toxic adc main :P ALSO Think about this also. The fun of solo que is solo carrying and climbing as you carry. You're taking a large portion of the player base ability to do that out of the equation because of the portion of the fanbase that can't ward or track enemy junglers on ganks and feed and cry about it. You're rewarding the less skilled players by protecting them from the meanie junglers. Buy wards noobs, track buffs scrubs.
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