Akali's early damage needs to go down now that she has pre-6 mobility.

Akali's laning is way too strong against melee champions now that she can use her W to proc her Q. Laning top against Akali as pretty much any melee champ is a nightmare right now. Once she hits lvl 2, you're forced to zone yourself whenever her Q is on you, which is pretty much nonstop given that its cooldown is lower than its duration. Fail to do so and you'll get chunked for a large amount of damage while she heals and then scurries away with her shroud. But you still need to zone yourself as long as the shroud is up even if she's already procced Q because she can easily proc another one before that 8 second shroud times out. And once she's 6 and has revolver? Watch out, because she can engage at will and win trades against pretty much anyone. It doesn't really get better for her melee opponents until 30+ minutes when you can build up a solid mix of durability and damage. Good luck with that when most games end well before that these days. You don't need to just take my word for it though. The Rank 1 player in NA right now is an Akali top main. He had a 191-80 record on Akali last season, which is a 70% winrate. He also happens to be the Rank 2 player in NA as well, with similar Akali stats on that account. Maybe I'm just biased, but I feel like an assassin that is supposed to have a weak early game shouldn't be a god tier top laner.

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