Sona should be reworked

She's been a problem with balance since her mini rework. She's a very old champion who has amazing potential to be something big but is held back by the fact that she was made forever ago. Riot saw potential in Warwick, you could tell he was an older champion by looking at hit kit and he even felt old to play. Sona is facing the same thing. Sona's kit has amazing potential to be a REAL maven of the strings. Let her string together different notes to have different spell effects, let her truly rally and buff her allies with her music while debuffing her foes. The potential for a true bard of League of Legends is here, in Sona. As of right now she feels like a poke bot in lane, and she's not even that great at it anymore. Make her a true support, not some mage support. She barely feels like an enchanter, she literally feels like a mage support who has a mediocre heal/heal with a mediocre speed up thrown into her kit. I've been playing Sona since I first started League back in S3, I used to be a huge Sona fan but I feel like I can barely pick her up now because she' outclassed by so many other enchanters. I used to be a Sona main, but I can't even call myself that since I've barely touched her since she was abused in the ardent sensor meta. Please throw this old champion a bone...
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